Friday, April 11, 2008

K-Drama (Golden Bride)

This K-Drama is a story of two ill-fated, bad-blooded families struggling with and against each other.Jin Joo is a half Korean and half-Vietnamese girl who marries a Korean man, Kang Jun Woo, in order to come to Korea to look for her biological father who abandoned her about 20 years ago.

The drama is not only about her searching for her dad but also about the cultural differences between Jin Joo and her husband's family. There's bad blood with the two families, Kim and Kang. The story continues with Ji Young trying very hard to hide her past from her husband, Young Min of her relationship with Jun Woo.

Meanwhile, Kang Sae Mi is Jun Woo's sister and Kim Young Soo is Young Min's younger brother. They wanted to get married but both families strongly oppose their marriage which leads to the two young lovers living together. Kang Won Mi is the thoughtless, old maid elder sister of Jun Woo.

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